It’s April! Where is GOLDENMARK?


Hey Fantasy Fans – I know, you’ve been missing The Kingsmen Chronicles!


Not long ago, I promised you that GOLDENMARK, book #3 of The Kingsmen Chronicles, would be released in March.


But what has occurred between then and now? Ch-ch-ch-changes! (To quote the beloved David Bowie)


Life has been moving, and I’ve moved with it – from Salem, OR to Boulder, CO!


Me hard at work in the historic (and haunted!) Hotel Boulderado, during a recent trip to scope out the area in February


As a result of these big changes (my husband and I have moved because he got his dream job in Boulder! Yay!) I’ve had to postpone GOLDENMARK’s launch.


Mark your calendars! GOLDENMARK’s official release date is now June 18th, 2018. 


I know, it feels so far away! But it’s going to sneak up on us like Khouren in the darkness of Roushenn Palace, I promise.


While you wait for GOLDENMARK, you can read a new never-before-seen prequel short story about Elohl and Ihbram battling the Red Valor up in the glacial passes of the High Brigade!


Set a year before the events of BLACKMARK, danger abounds and men will die in a battle so epic you’ll need to buckle on your sword and cinch your claw-feet tight!


Pick it up today in the Beyond the Deepwoods anthology, along with stories by awesome authors like USA Today Bestselling Author J.T. Williams, Helena Rookwood, Stefan Nardi, and more.




Lastly, to make sure you never miss one of my new releases – you can now follow me on BookBub!


Enjoy the spring season, and I’ll have more updates for you soon.


Onward to Glory!

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