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RIDDLE IN STONE TRILOGY – Omnibus Edition – by Robert Evert


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Jean’s Review: The Riddle in Stone series hearkens back to a classic style of storytelling much like Tolkien, where heroes are small people driven by secret aims they hold in their hearts. They adventure not because they want to make kingdoms turn, but because they follow what drives them. Robert Evert’s hero Edmund starts off as a bookish, sedentary man with an inner temper he doesn’t know how to use and a stutter that keeps him from expressing himself. Put him through devastating rigors in a goblin mine and from the evil Undead King, and Edmund comes out a honed, bitter, and accomplished hero. Evert’s writing is fast and gritty, not for the weak of stomach but thoroughly enjoyable, weaving a tale that grips more as you dive further and further into Edmund’s hardships and quest. I enjoyed it more and more as the pages turned, until I was so caught up in the flow that I couldn’t wait to hit the next chapter running!


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